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Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy

Data Collection/Storage/Access/Handling:

Great American Collectibles, LLC (GA LLC) collects data in order to process customer orders. We do not collect data for the purposes of unsolicited marketing or advertising. When we do collect your data, we pass this data to our merchant account (Stripe) for credit card processing or PayPal, if you choose that to pay for your order.

We collect the following data in order to successfully process your orders.

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (in case we can’t contact you via email related to your order)
  • Full Name (for shipping and billing purposes)
  • Company Name (if it’s part of your shipping or billing address)
  • Address (for shipping and billing purposes)
  • IP Address (for billing security)

We collect this data in order to process an order that you initiate from us. We maintain your name, email address and phone number in our site database for identifying you properly when you login to our website.

Your data is only shared with those parties that are crucial for the success of the ecommerce transaction you initiate with us. This includes our merchant account company (Stripe/PayPal), and in the case of pre-owned collectible pieces, your shipping address is shared with them. Each party receives ONLY the data they need in order to fulfill their duties in this process.

Your data is ONLY used for the processing of orders initiated by you and your email address may only be used by us in relation to notifying you of news related to our services or your order.

Because our service requires you to login to our site, we will maintain your data until such time as you notify us that you no longer want it stored. If you do not login to our site or purchase any product from us within the span of 10 years, your data will be deleted. It is important to note, we do NOT store any credit card information on our website nor do we have access to it, via our credit card processor (Stripe).

You, the data owner, have the right to delete your data from our website at any time. The only data we cannot delete is data from our merchant account related to previous orders as they must maintain that data under their own financial guidelines. If you have placed a recent order, we will maintain any information related to recent orders up to 6 months in the past in order to resolve any disputes that may arise regarding those orders. After that, all data will be purged, upon request.

You can contact our data custodian at any time, via email to